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Our aim is to build the bank you'd change for

We believe that financial empowerment is something you'd expect from a bank and too often, that is not the case. We provide an open, sustainable and transparent solution to enable your future you and to revolutionize the unwieldy and monopolized banking industry.


Multi-currency bank accounts

Accounts in USD, AUD, NZD

Open a multi-currency bank account in minutes.

Free Mastercard Debit Card

Spend on your card with no fees or hidden charges.

Stay in control

Lost your card? Freeze it and reorder it instantly in the app.

Mastercard Enso
Mastercard Enso

Retail + Investment Bank

Blended banking

We've blended a digital retail bank, a business bank and an investment bank into one.

Wonder where your money goes?

We're transparent on all things, including where your money goes. Afterall, your money is your business.

Data-driven products

Data is the new oil

We dont offer you generic products, but like a private banker, tailor-make products to suit you through the duration of the product lifecycle.

Telematic banking is here

We enable connections to your smart cars or homes and map that data into our core products offering lower fees and more benefits.

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A digital bank that acts like a private banker?

Welcome to Enso

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